Fisherman attacked by an Aswang in Cotabato

An endless myth circulating all over the Filipino countryside involves an extensive variety of mythical creatures.
To this day, Philippine myths are still active and influence the lives of rural Filipinos
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Although there is no scientific evidence for any of these creatures, people in the rural parts of the Philippines still believe firmly in their existence. 

This discrepancy is sometimes rationalised by the explanation that only pure and good mortals are able to see these creatures. See this viral video of a Fisherman who claimed to be attacked by the so called Philippine mythical creature "Aswang". The whole article is below.
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Horror, fear and anxiety rapidly spread in the residency of Barangay Cotabato when the news erupted that there is an outbreak of Aswang attack.

A Fisherman who named Mang Teng, 38 years old from Barangay Cotabato Poblacion 9, claimed to be attacked by an Aswang inside their very own house. During assessment, wounds and abrasions were noticeable in the arms of the victim.

Upon the course of interview Mang Teng narrates how he was attacked by the Aswang, and Barrangay Chairman Nasrudin Mohammad generously explained the story.
"Bigla na lang daw na may unan sa dibdib niya na umiikot-ikot at nilalapitan ang kaliwang braso niya. Pagkatapos, nung nakagat na siya, nakasigaw na daw siya ng tulong sa mga anak niyang dalaga. Tapos may malong daw dito nakapatong tapos yun na, biglang lumipad pero nakagat na siya," he said.
"Kinagat daw siya ng aswang na nag-anyong kumot at unan."
To prove the incidence, Mang Teng was brought to the hospital for further assessment of the Health Practitioners (Doctors) regarding to his wounds and abrasions. Right away He was given medical remedies such as Tetanus Toxoid, an Anti-Rabies Vaccine and Antibiotics.

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Based on the assessment process of City Health office, the cause of Mang Teng's wounds and abrasions in the arm may came from a cat scratch or bite.

"Pwedeng yung claws ng pusa ang kumalmot sa kanya," as cited by  Dr. Edvir Jane Montaner, OIC of City Health Office.

As Rev. Father Gerard Fornan, Parish Priest of Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral refuses to believe in the incidence,
He stated that...
"It needs scientific investigation, empirical data and further studies,"
From the given statement of Cotabato Mayor Japan Guiani Jr. it is only a myth and a hearsay.

He also verbalized,
"Kung titignan mo yung barangay na yun ay infested ng drugs. Yung iba naman ay gawa-gawa lang."
Long before the Horror incident takes place, a text rumor spread out that an Aswang was spotted looming in Baranggay Cotabato Poblacion 9.

Whether The Philippine Mythical creature called "Aswang" is a hoax or not. It will be more appropriate if they can implement security for each day for the residency safety and protection.

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