How to care for your Li-ion battery the right way

How to care for your Li-ion battery the right way:
In this generation, it’s not impossible to know whatever we want, especially with the help of the World Wide Web. But still common knowledge is still not enough for some things. In fact! All of those who own a gadget, either it’s a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop and even a camera knows how important the battery is for the device. Another fact is that no matter how powerful your devices core is, or how many megapixel is put into the camera, or even how large the RAM of the device, but the battery that was put in collaboration with this features cannot compensate the demand of this features, rendering it practically use “less” because you won’t even be able to use the full potential of the device.
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Also the battery is one of the most susceptible part of a device to wear and tear over a period of time because it’s also one of the parts of a device that function non-stop. Our current generation demands innovation that fits our fast paced lifestyle whether it’s for personal use or professional. Can you call a smart phone “smart” if you have to purposefully put it in energy saving mode because your battery only lasts a few hours even when you aren’t really using it much, or because it performs really slow when there are multiple application open, and you feel that the back part where your battery is placed feels hotter than it normally does. Isn’t it obvious? There’s something wrong here! It’s either your battery is near death or is dying.
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There are some tips and tricks out there like: “uninstall this app”, “avoid using this feature”. What the hell! How will you be able to enjoy your money’s worth if you can’t even use it at its full functionality?! You bought your “smartphone” because you know it has unparalleled capabilities compared to previous devices that came out before it and yet you can’t use its “capabilities” because of battery issues. Can you still call your phone “smart”? Really now, here are some simple tips to minimize battery usage while keeping it at its full functionality and some care tips so your battery life may be prolonged:
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  • 1. Put your phone on silent if you’re not expecting anything important soon, but if you feel that there might be some emergencies, then instead you can assign different alert tones for every important person in your contact that you can easily recognize even if the rest of your phone is still on silent.
  • 2. Keep your screen brightness on automatic because your phone knows how much light is needed with the help of its built-in sensors, also your phone can compensate for its own features, it is designed for that just make sure you keep it in shape.
  • 3. Avoid completely depleting the battery and over charging for prolonged time for this two situation hurts the “cell” of the battery, making the cells lose its capabilities to hold the charge.
  • 4. Several “partial” charges are better than a rapid full charge. Charging your device from 25%-75% or 40%-60% is better than keeping it always at above 90-95% because the battery has an ideal voltage (40-60%) so that the cells are kept healthy.
  • 5. Avoid extreme temperatures because it damage the battery cells either extreme cold or a really hot place making the cells lose the ability to hold charge.
  • 6. If you’re buying another battery for emergency purposes and thinking of putting it on storage for a while make sure to store it at a considerable place where temperature is constant and controlled and making sure that it is kept with charge a in bet 40%-60%.
Bottom line is take care of your battery, we know that it’s not forever healthy that’s why our goal here is to help you prolong the life of your battery in every way we can. Simple and easy.

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