VIRAL: Swift Jeepney Pickpocket Caught On Cam

We are always told to keep an eye on our personal belongings; whether we are taking a walk on the streets or sitting among strangers in a public transportation vehicle. But in this fast changing world of theft and other similar crimes, we will reconsider the chances of our valuables being a hundred percent secure in our hands, given how composed and nonchalant pickpockets' tactics are nowadays.
jeepney pickpocket incident recorded on video
Swift Jeepney Pickpocket Caught on Camera.
Uploaded on the 26th of February 2015, a jeepney from NAIA 3 bound to Baclaran caught a swift pickpocketing episode. At the beginning of the video, we can see the victim, though with a distant look, has his arms wrapped protectively around his bag. Watch how casual the man is beside him, nodding his head to the beat and even checking his phone. Everything seems to be normal until 00:30 where the guy hid his left hand under his own bag and slowly sneak to reach the inside of the victim's bag's pocket where he successfully uncovered a wallet.

Another issue raised aside from the pickpocket incident is the lack of response from the witness who recorded the viral video. Netizens expressed their anger and disappointment regarding how the incident has been handled.

There have been a few occasions already about pickpockets caught on cam, and it always lead us to the same conclusion. Do you think the video uploader should have taken further actions? Is recording the incident the smartest move?

Ikalat ntin ang video na to. Madami ng page ang nag share nito. Mag ingat po tayo lagi sa mga salisi na tulad nito.
Posted by Wasak on Thursday, February 26, 2015

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