TRENDING: 7-11 crew joins in with the Nae-Nae craze!!

Let's do the Nae-Nae!
7-11 crew joins in with the Nae-Nae craze!!  
Who doesn’t know the latest dance craze right now? Yes I am talking about the Nae-Nae craze. Well, if you hadn’t heard or seen it yet I don’t know where you’ve been. But, now you’ll be able to see this crazy and cool dance craze that started with people doing the ‘Vines’ videos. The craze has a very catchy song along with very slick and cool dance steps that’s sure to catch attention. A lot of people has already joined in the fun. Even celebrities and Pro’s dance to its beat. But we’re here to talk about common people that can be fun at times just to enjoy the moment like this 7-11 crew with their not so young security guard that has joined in the fun of whom their video has already gone Viral gathering more than 2M views on Facebook alone.

It seems like a normal day at the office during off-peak hours in the store, no customers and nothing to do. Why not have a lil’ bit of fun while you’re at it? There’s nothing wrong with it, dancing is a form of exercise that you can do anywhere even when you’re working. That’s why this great people made sure they’ll have a good work environment and a very popular convenience store afterwards which also showcase the talents of their employee’s.

These 7-11 crew try Nae Nae Dance Craze
Kung ganito magiging mga katrabaho mo hindi ka mabibigatan sa trabaho. Make your working place fun and you will never feel tired. | www.lionheartv.netFor those asking more about the three, the guy on the left is Perry Caliboso, on the right is Jhopet Martin and Don Antonio the guard on the middle. The video was taken in Olongapo city at 7-11 SBMA branch near Harbor Point Ayala.
Posted by LionhearTV on Friday, May 22, 2015

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TRENDING: 7-11 crew joins in with the Nae-Nae craze!! TRENDING: 7-11 crew joins in with the Nae-Nae craze!!  Reviewed by Jose Galao on 12:51 PM Rating: 5

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