TRENDING: Cockatiel Got Talent!

Cockatiel Got Talent, Cute Cockatiel sing my Neighbor Totoro
 Cockatiel Got Talent!

There are varieties of talent this world can showcase. Dancing is for the Dancers, Painting is for the Paintor and Singing... Singing is for a Cockatiel! Yeah! You read it right!

When we talk about singers, the common thing that comes in our mind, "Is she Beautiful?" "Is she Cute?"and lastly "Can she hit the high notes?" Well, this adorable feathery fellow scores 10 out 10 in terms of its apperance and regarding its pipe range surely your jaw will drop as she hit some octave as Maria Carey and Arianna Grande does, ha ha!

Most of the time the lyrics of the song expresses the soul, but this time, the tune or melody of the song is enough to make you have not the LSS instead the CSS (Cockatiel Song Syndrome).

Let us stop for a moment and appreciate this beautiful Feathery Fellow as it chant for its exceptional music companion.

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