TRENDING: The Last recorded footage of Amelia Earheart found!!

Amelia Earheart!
The Last recorded footage of Amelia Earheart found!! 
If you don’t know Amelia Earheart, it’s either you’re still too young or just isn’t updated with your history. But that’s not a problem, you can watch a lot of documentaries about her on the internet, she was even resurrected in the movie “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” though her full story wasn’t part of the movie. She embarked in a journey to travel around the world in 1937, she’s also the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean

 Though the supposed to be record breaking attempt to travel the world went immediately south when Amelia and her navigator Fred Noonan disappeared over the Central Pacific Ocean near the Howland Island on July 2, 1937. Amelia was a pioneer in American aviation and was an author of many award winning books many of them about her experiences in flying. Many hoped that she makes it across the world during her time and until now many people is still amazed and inspired by her talent and guts. Amelia, her plane and her navigator isn’t found even up to this day making it hard to know what really happened. Recently a footage of Amelia surfaced after her photographer Albert Bresnik was able to pass it down 5 decades within the family.

The footage even shows Amelia’s preparation on her fateful flight on 1937 and her climbing up to the cockpit of her Lockheed. Nearly 8 decades have passed since the footage was taken and it was so incredible to even see how clear the black and white images of the aviator. We hope that her mystery get solved as many would want to know what really happened.

WATCH: Never-before-seen video footage of Amelia Earhart discovered
Posted by NewsBeat Social on Monday, June 15, 2015

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