TRENDING: An Odd Friendship Between A Monkey and A Dog

Friendships are one of the most complicated parts of our lives. It takes two individuals a long time to establish a friendship of strong bond and trust. Here, we'll meet an unusual duo. Pan-kun (chimpanzee) and James (bulldog) star on their very own TV show in Japan where they showcase abilities to perform various human tasks and an odd friendship that we did not know possible.
a monkey and a dog's unusual friendship
An odd Friendship between a Monkey and a Dog.
Pan-kun is a popular genius monkey, known for his cleverness and intelligence, while James on the contrary, shows a quiet and timid side. Somehow, the two have proven to surpass animal species boundaries as they take on great heights with Pan-kun leading his friend.

In the video below, Pan-kun, in his usual overalls, tries to cross the river with James. They jump from one step to another carefully, fearing for the water. We can see the determination of Pan-kun to cross the other side despite the large gap on their final step as he made a huge jump across the water and urges James to follow, almost as if saying "come on we've come too far to back out now!"

This just proves that friendship knows no bound and animals are indeed capable of feeling love and compassion towards each other, even if it's not to their own kind.

Watch their adorable video below.

The monkey's name is Pakun. His dog is James. When they cross a river, I almost fell off my chair laughing.Like and Follow Elite Readers <3
Posted by Elite Readers on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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