VIRAL: 15-Year-Old Girl Molested by Teacher Got Pregnant!

molested teenager now pregnant
15-Year-Old Girl Molested by Teacher Got Pregnant!

Rape is justifiably the worst and most scarring violence one can commit to a woman. Not only does it causes physical alterations to a victim's body, but leaves a lingering impact on their psychological health as well.

A similar incident happened to a 15-year-old girl under an alias: Jana. She's supposed to be an incoming 4th year highschool student this year but was forced to postpone her studies after multiple rapes that resulted to an unwanted pregnancy.

It was April of this year when Jana's mother noticed that she wasn't having her monthly period. That's when the young girl broke down.

"She can't take it anymore and confessed to me" said Jana's mother. The mother was confused of her daughter's unexpected pregnancy, having the knowledge that Jana doesn't have any boyfriend.

Romero Lamsen, 28, and Jana's MAPEH teacher resurfaces in the story. It was March 2015, when Lamsen texted Jana to bring her school project to his house. The girl had no idea of what was to happen until she arrived at her teacher's home where Lamsen immediately locked the door and the windows. The teacher made a threat that Jana will never come out alive if she resisted.

But the sexual assault didn't stop there. Jana was molested three times more. It was 23rd of April when Lamsen convinced Jana to meet up, forced to ride a motorcycle and was brought to a motel in Marilao, Bulacan. Jana's parents grew worried about their daughter's sudden disappearance that day and finally decided to file a case to the police. The exact same hour while they were in the police headquarters, Jana's parents received a phone call from their daughter crying for help.

Lamsen was arrested with four counts of rape, violation of Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination; Anti-trafficking in Persons Act, and Forcible Abduction but was able to bail out of jail. The currently suspended teacher explained that it was Jana who proposed that they go to the motel.

The girl filed an administrative case to the Department of Education against her teacher and will be temporarily homeschooled.

Posted by 4GAG TV on Thursday, June 4, 2015
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