VIRAL: Base jumpers jumped face to face with death!!

Daredevil DUO!
Base jumpers jumped face to face with death!!

Many people search for an adventure of a lifetime for we all know that life is short and that ‘You Only Live once’ so why not take the risk and gain new experience. Everyone have their own different ways of having an adventure of a lifetime for no one is exactly the same, even twins don’t do the same things at the same time. But some seek adrenaline pumping adventures and activities like sky diving, mountain climbing, cliff diving, spelunking, and many more.

Now there’s two guys who went viral on the internet after their adrenaline seeking adventure went immediately south after both of them got in the air. The duo was ‘Base Jumping’ on the “Superstition Mountains” in Arizona, you will clearly see on the video as one was recording their jump with probably a GoPro action camera, everything seems it was going smoothly as they planned until the other guy jumped to meet the first guy in mid-air and when he opened up his parachute both their chutes got tangled.

As if looking like they really took a leap of faith on that jump, both the jumpers survived the incident without any injury at all for they managed to untangle the parachutes at about a 120 feet above the ground. One guy safely landed on the ground while the guy with the camera got his parachute caught on a boulder. Park officials say that there’s no policy regarding Base Jumping on the mountains that’s why there are no charges filed against the daredevil duo and instead advised thrill seekers to ‘think before you jump’.

WATCH: Horrifying moment 2 BASE jumpers' parachutes tangle mid-air caught on video #NewsBeatViral
Posted by NewsBeat Social on Saturday, June 13, 2015

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