VIRAL: Beware of This Dirty Tactic in Jeepneys!!!

Woman robbed inside a jeepney by Laglag Barya Gang
Beware of This Dirty Tactic in Jeepneys!!!

Criminals can only come up with many other dirty tactics to victimize more people. Recently, another theft strategy has been spied by a concern citizen. This modus operandi by Laglag Barya Gang usually requires two or more people, where in they will go near the victim and drop coins or small bills. Soon, they will ask the inconspicuous target for help. Other members will then start picking the pocket or the bag of the victim.

The same tactic is used in this video by three members of the said gang. Coins were dropped by a guy in a gray t-shirt,instantly getting the attention of the female beside him. As a result, the girl moves to her right closing in the space between her and another guy wearing a dark green tee.

If we look closely, the guy on her right has his other hand under his bag. While the female remains focused on the first guy, she wouldn't noticed that the latter guy is picking her belongings. At 1:04 we can see a white rectangular item that the guy has quickly chucked into his own bag.

We advise everyone to always be aware of your belongings, especially when commuting to narrow vehicles where physical contacts with other people are close and unavoidable.

Magingat sa Laglag Barya Gang!
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Posted by Pakshet on Monday, June 15, 2015
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