VIRAL: Girl with super sensitive hearing cries when it rains!!!

Girl with super sensitive hearing cries when it rains.
A 9-year-old girl from Kent, UK is suffering from a very rare condition that makes someone’s hearing very sensitive that even a slight change in pressure gives a very agonizing pain. Footsteps, a ticking of a clock, an alarm, the school bell and even a baby’s cry can be very painful to hear for little Evie Shuttlewood. 

It all started when the little girl contracted a flu along with her sisters which they recovered from except for Evie where she developed a mysterious illness and was diagnosed with ‘Geniculate Neuralgia’ where it causes severe earache and hyperacusis. GN is caused by a small nerve being compressed by a blood vessel, which can result in a severe and deep ear pain. 
The poor girl was so affected by her illness that her entire school needed to adopt to her condition, other students were asked to go early to school so whenever little Evie comes to school there isn’t anybody around, also clocks were removed and she had to be escorted to bathrooms so that there wouldn’t be anyone ‘flushing’ the toilet when she’s around. Doctors say that they couldn’t do anything about it but to wait until it goes and stop. 

Evie’s parents then decided to homeschool her as to not bother anyone and to give her more attention and care. But suddenly last ‘April fool’s day’ little Evie came down to her mum and said that “I’m better mummy”. Thinking that she was joking around which in turn was real. They were so thankful and wished that her condition doesn’t return so that their daughter will have a normal life again. Even though sometimes the pain comes back it isn’t for a long term.

The Shuttlewood family!

Do you wish to have her kind of condition without the pain? 
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