VIRAL: The GRIM REAPER is real!!!

The GRIM REAPER is real!!!
The GRIM REAPER is real!!! 
A video of somewhat the scariest death you’ll ever see is now circulating the web. The source of the footage is not yet clear but one thing is so clear that a lot of people who saw the video claims that they saw death coming. 

It seems like a very ordinary footage of bikers trying to pass thru traffic like they normally does but something amiss happened. One biker looks like he was pulled under the truck he was racing to overtake along with other bikers. 
This particular biker can be seen getting rolled over by the huge and heavy trailer that was being pulled by the truck which he surely wouldn’t survive. But it isn’t the most disturbing and scary moment that you’ll ever see on the whole footage for after the accident happened you will clearly see as everyone have seen that a shadow of some sort came out from under the truck and disappeared like a Grim Reaper taking the soul of its victim as it die. 

Many other conclusion were made by the Netizens over this footage and incident. Some say that it is a result of poor image quality, some because of the shadow resulting from the time of day, some says it’s edited but whatever it is. 

How will you explain what happened when the bike got pulled under the wheel of which is clearly was far from the wheel of the truck and has a clearance like the first few bikers ahead of him. Surely was a very creepy video.

WARNING: GRAPHIC SCENE! Watch Responsibly!

look closely, si KAMATAYAN!
Posted by Mario Suing on Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Do you believe that the Grim Reaper exists? 
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