VIRAL: A very good example of Road Rage!!!

2 men thrash it out on the streets of LA!
A very good example of Road Rage!!!  

A video of two men fighting in the streets of California after a Road Rage incident which almost killed one of them who was almost hit by an oncoming vehicle from the opposite lane quickly went viral on the internet.

It wasn’t clear at first what really happened but it seems that the green car tried to suddenly change lanes which almost got the Toyota corolla hit. The driver of the corolla then punches the passenger side door of the green car. Both cars then tried to continue driving but only after a few feet both drivers came out of their vehicles because the driver of the green car tried to cut the corolla again. Immediately, the corolla driver swung his fist and hits the other man which brought him down and was almost hit by a van on the opposite lane.

All of this was caught on camera by another commuter who was behind both cars. The confrontation continued as the corolla driver repeatedly beats the other guy on the ground who was really helpless. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) isn’t investigating the incident as neither of the driver has been identified, but if a case is launched against the assailant, the video will be used as evidence if the victim comes forward.

Video of violent California road rage incident goes viral #NewsBeatUS
Posted by NewsBeat Social on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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