VIRAL: A Very Unique homemade Vietnamese fashion show!!

Fashion is now part of our daily lives, people even use fashion to make a living. We can make a statement with just the clothes we wear and how we wear it. Now a days, people can be judged by the way they looks that’s why a lot of us has a ‘dress to impress’ attitude. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for one young man who probably dreams of becoming either a model or a designer.
Homemade Vietnamese fashion show.
A young Vietnamese showcase his talent on fashion and design with a bit of unrefined modelling skills. He surely showcased how fashion shows should be, it should be a place where you’re comfortable at while wearing unique creations that you can proudly say that it was made with hard work and that it’s one of a kind.

This young man has created over 10 unique dress and will surely make more in the future. A talent and skills of his caliber should be given a chance to succeed. We need a bit of change and uniqueness. Who ever thought that you can use a broom as a mask? Or a bicycle wheel as part of your dress and even using a flat iron as a headdress?

Watch and Have a dose of Good Vibes!

Thời trang độc lạ hấp dẫn, phần 2 :vAn unique fashion show, part 2 :-P
Posted by 2! Idol on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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a shot to become one great fashion designer!

VIRAL: A Very Unique homemade Vietnamese fashion show!! VIRAL: A Very Unique homemade Vietnamese fashion show!!  Reviewed by Jose Galao on 11:32 AM Rating: 5

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