VIRAL: Woman Superglued to her front Door by pranksters!!!

Fiona, a victim of a bad prank and a good super glue!
Woman Superglued to her front Door by pranksters!!!  

A 28 year-old woman was Superglued to her own Front Door for more than an hour and a half after pranksters allegedly put some really good Superglue on the doorknob. The woman said that she noticed 2 people running from the compound where she was living as if something was wrong and then when she opened her front door she noticed something sticky was on it and when she tried to pull her hands back it wouldn’t just go off. She tried calling her friends and they thought that it was a joke, even the people in the emergency service thought it was a prank until some of her neighbors called in her situation to the authorities.

The rescuers then tried everything they could to remove her from the door and was unsuccessful even after using those commonly used home remedies like Coca-Cola, Wd-40, vegetable oil and hot water but nothing got her separated. More than an hour and a half in that situation, in pain and tired from a night out. The rescuers then called the fire department which then tried their own special kind of solvent which also didn’t work, the door was then needed to be cut down to the point that they could bring her to a hospital along only with the door handle itself. On the hospital, they tried a special solution that eventually melted the glue.

The woman still suffered burns on her hands after the incident but that wouldn’t compare to the humiliation and suffering she had caused because of the incident. She also needed to get a new door and probably one that is prank safe. Super glue are used by trauma doctors in the Warzone to close wounds and stop bleeding. Those pranksters just didn’t know the boundaries of a good prank and a crime.

Have you ever pranked someone or another victim of a prank? Let us know on the comments section below!
VIRAL: Woman Superglued to her front Door by pranksters!!! VIRAL: Woman Superglued to her front Door by pranksters!!!  Reviewed by Jose Galao on 10:42 AM Rating: 5

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