Watch: 10 billionaires who don’t have a College Degree

Microsofts Bill Gates!!
In this generation, Education sure is the key to success unless you have a crazy amount of luck in your life. High-paying jobs require a degree nowadays not unlike back then when you have a dream that you can pursue, the chance of succeeding is pretty high. Today a dream will only be a dream.

I know a lot of us dreams of becoming rich, rich enough to fend for every need that our family has with the excess of a few luxuries in life. Well maybe more than a few. Getting rich is most likely on the priority list of most people who are currently employed while those unfortunate ones who doesn’t have a regular and stable livelihood think of how he/she can fend for their own families day to day needs.

There are people in the world that exist and has become billionaires without having a college degree. I wish the rate for that was so high so that a lot more others can become rich and do things this people does. This individuals know the importance of education and also the feeling of being an average joe that’s why most of them have charities and foundations that caters to people in need all over the world.

People do good things in exchange for the good things they receive. Maybe it was fate that actually made them billionaires. Or the fact that when they became rich they told themselves that they would surely reach out to those in need and help them, of which could be the reason that made them successful in life. Well whatever it is. Success comes from hard work and taking the risk, which all this guys have in common.

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