WATCH: 10 future cities under development!

Our generation has been born in the Era of modern Innovation where technology dominates the needs of the many. It sometimes even outweighs the basic necessity of life. A lot of people try to keep up with the changing world very seriously. Also as our necessities turn to luxuries, people develop things that seems to be in harmony both in necessity and luxury.

Future Cities of the World!

Development has harmed our world that is why many countries especially those who can afford tries to develop something new that can both benefit Nature and its residence. Countries like the UAE and Japan is already developing places where it utilizes green energy harnessing the power of the Sun and the Ocean. It even boast of Zero Emissions and Zero Waste.

Pollution has been harming everyone in our planet over the past decades. Majority of the pollution that harms our atmosphere comes from the vehicles we use and the factories where our luxuries are made of. We often abuse everything that we can have our hands on and just throw it away after it breaks or if something new comes out.

Everything that we do comes with a consequence to the planet. Even every breather we take now a days harms the planet. I didn’t tell you to stop breathing, but in the past there were many trees that absorbs and converts Carbon Dioxide and turns it to Oxygen but now, even the trees are getting extinct. Hopefully we can realize it now even if it’s already too late.

Cities that can sustain itself should be developed, we should learn how to maximize the power that we can harness from the Sun, Wind, and Water. We should make sure that the waste we throw out will be properly handled or recycled but it’s much better if there will be no waste at all. And hopefully Cities will be made all around the world that will help Mother Nature recover from everything that we did to her.

Have you ever been to a place that has Zero Emissions or Zero waste?
Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

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