WATCH: 10 google tricks you didn’t know!!!

I bet you didn’t know, well I also didn’t know that there are features of google that can be so useful for using it. You can even use the search engine to kill time by playing with zurg rush. Google even put in some very useful commands and must know shortcuts to make our live so much easier when using their webpage.

Zurg Rush on google!!

People at google are so smart that they’ve put secret commands and activities that we can do on the webpage itself. It is in some way awesome and creative and frustrating on the other for I wish that I got to know it earlier so I could’ve used google in a much better way. There is even one feature where you can play on the page without the internet. Try connecting to the page then turn off your wifi, did a T-rex appear?

If a pixelated T-rex did so appear please press the space bar and enjoy yourself, I’ll just warn you though for you might get addicted and you might not try to reconnect your wifi back. Watch the viceo below and find whatever trick or tip you find useful.

Just make sure to leave a comment below on what tricks or tips you’ve found useful!

WATCH: 10 google tricks you didn’t know!!! WATCH: 10 google tricks you didn’t know!!!  Reviewed by Jose Galao on 11:35 AM Rating: 5

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