WATCH: 10 most expensive cars in Production today!!

A lot of us has drooled over those exotics featured in many different films from Hollywood particularly from the Fast and Furious franchise. A lot has been seen in the movie from the powerful 1970’s muscle cars to the modern and luxurious supercars like the Lycan Hypersport from the latest installment FF7.

The Lamborghini Veneno and its more than $4M pricetag!
Now a list has been made for the 10 most expensive cars today that is in and has been in production meaning the cars have very limited units produced for its exclusivity. Though the price tag isn’t just for show even reaching up to more than $4M for the Top 1. Some of the cars wouldn’t even sound familiar for some of us but they do exist. Rich people buy their toys and fight over it even if they have to double up the payment just to acquire a unit.

This is where the exclusivity comes in like for the Ferrari La Ferrari where you need to own at least 5 Ferrari’s, a combination of classic and modern one’s so you couldn’t just buy 5 modern Ferrari just to acquire a La Ferrari of the shelf. People buy this kinds of luxury because they can, unfortunately for a lot of us we just enjoy ourselves looking at photographs or when we see it pass us by in a blink of an eye on the roads.

And for us who can’t afford let’s just enjoy and savor the moment when we see a car in a movie or in the streets. Let’s appreciate the modern innovation combined with art and sophistication and use it as an inspiration so maybe one day we can have our own.

What’s your favorite car? Tell us on the comments section below!!

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