WATCH: Deepak Kumar Paswaan "Octo-Boy"!!!

Deepak's rare condition Parasitic Twin
Deepak Kumar Paswaan has gone through major operation
While all other children can live a normal and happy life, little Deepak Kumar Paswaan was the exception, for some time He's been in such misery, enduring and fighting a rare condition called "Parasitic Twin". For a moment, let us watch this stunning video!

Deepak Kumar Paswaan was born with  a rare condition called Parasitic Twin, as he was exposed to the people in their village, he was being related or linked to and 8 limbed God in India. Some people have worshipped him for a while and the others attacked and hated him for they believed that He brings bad luck to the community people. The way Deepak treated was so heartbreaking, and because of this He had developed low self-esteem and suffered his whole life running and hiding.

Deepak's Dad cited that... "We just want to raise enough money for him to have an operation to remove his twin so he can live a normal life" and as Deepak's journey continue some charity (liked European Charity) had coordinated and vowed to help H

He was scheduled for a surgery that lasted 4-hour operation, it happened at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore and with the help of sophisticated equipments and health professionals the procedure to separate Deepak Kumar Paswaan from his twin was a success.

Deepak Kumar Paswaan dream of living a normal life has now come to reality!

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