WATCH: People with Superhuman Powers

Super humans in real life
Amazing People With Real Super Powers

In order to be super and extraordinary, one must first be bitten by a spider, shot by gamma radiation, struck by lightning or in short be part of the marvel superheroes! I never believed super powers exist until I've watched this marvelous video! Well, if your curious enough seatback, relaxed and be amazed by these Super Humans!

"The Human Camera" - Stephen Wiltshire, British man, born 1974 has a gift of drawing landscape from memory after just seeing it once.

"The Ice Man" - Wim Hof, Dutch man, born 1959 has a extraordinary ability to withstand extreme cold.

"The Blind Who Can See" - Daniel Kish, American man, born 1966 had retical cancer which led to blindness. Uses echolocation by clicking th
eir tongues.

"Life Without Pain" - Tim Cridland, American Man, born 1963 and born unable to feel any pain. Also known as the TORTURE KING.

"The Electric Man" - Slavisa Pajkic, from Serbia has the ability to conduct his own electricity.

"Aqua Man" - Dave Mullins, a free diver has ability to hold breath underwater for a long period of time.

"X-Ray Vision" - Natasha Demkina, Russian, born 1986 has a special vision.

"Rubber Boy" - Daniel Browning Smith, American Actor, has extraordinary flexibility.

"The Rain Man" - Kim Peeks, has extraordinary ability to memorize things.

"Mr. Eats It All" - Michel Lotito, French Entertainer, born 1950 known as Monsieur Magnetout or "MISTER EATS ALL".

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