WATCH: Miracles does exist!!!

the miracle of GOD
Miracles does exist!!!  
This video was a part of a documentary which was released way back 1990, it’s about a hospital which has no equipment, old, rickety, and unsafe yet was still being used for deliveries. The short preview of the documentary shows a baby born lifeless and a nun trying to resuscitate the baby that lasted for 25 minutes. You will clearly see how life is so precious and so beautiful that this lady didn’t give up on the hope that the child will live. What do you think the parents of the child would feel if they find out after 9 months of taking care of him/her inside the mother’s womb that he/she was delivered lifeless?

It would really be a devastating news for anyone. Miraculously without equipment, without help from today’s technology the child was revived even after almost half an hour of being revived. This sure was a miracle from GOD that we need to see. It gave me goosebumps and a teary eye after watching for it was so beautiful to see a life coming back.

SOIF D'ÉMOTION ? ENVIE D'AIMER 'LA VIE' ? LONGTEMPS PAS COULÉ DES LARMES DE JOIE D'ÉMOTION ? VOICI EN UNE VIDEO DE 2mn17s, UNE DÉFINITION POIGNANTE DE 'LA VIE'. ZAÏRE, 1990, Pendant près de 25mn, Réanimation d'un nouveau-né sans matériel (très impressionnant) dans un hôpital, totalement délabré, insalubre, qui sert malgré tout pour des accouchements. À 2:02s, L'ÉMOTION JOYEUSE EST À SON COMBLE !!! À l'œuvre le Dr PATRICK MALDAGUE, Médecin Sans Frontières Belgique et la Sœur MARIE-JOSEPHINE, Sage-femme. Extrait du Documentaire de Michel Honorin, Sujet sur LE ZAÏRE, Diffusé en 1990 sur Antenne 2.
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