WATCH: Nanobot generation is now!

Nanobots lasso's ant!
Nanobot generation is now!  

As technology advances, more and more discoveries and innovations are created especially in the field of machinery and medicine. Recently an Octopus inspired Nano bot created by engineers in Iowa State University made headlines for it showcased a very important potential of nanobots and that is a very versatile capability to work on different fields.

The nanobot demonstrated its micro tentacles ability by catching an ant and holding a fish’s egg that was so gentle it didn’t break. The grip was so precise that it neither hurt nor let go of the object. The grip is reportedly less than 1 Micro Newton of force which is a thousand times softer than a blink of an eye.

The engineers targets the use of this tech mainly on the field of medicine like for example doing a surgery on the brain or the heart where you can now easily clamp or hold very tine capillaries and blood vessels. Although it can also be applied onto other fields, that is the main concern.

This tiny robot grabs objects with a grip that's thousands of times softer than a blinking eye #NewsBeatScienceTech
Posted by NewsBeat Social on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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