WATCH: The new 12” MacBook in Carbon Fiber finish!!!!

The New 12" Mac Book in Carbon Finish!!
The new 12” MacBook in Carbon Fiber finish!!!!  

Recently Apple unveiled their lightest, thinnest laptop yet. Though there were some drawbacks on the device itself many people still bought the product and were satisfied with the device. Apple made some significant change on the laptop like using the USB Type-C as its sole way of transferring data and charging the device. Although there are adaptors that can be bought so traditional and other types of connector can be used with the device.

Also apple has included a better screen to the laptop and a shallow keyboard that would most likely feel like you’re just tapping into your tablets screen. Another drawback of the device is that it didn’t came with apple’s standard 720p camera, they sacrificed one good feature for another and instead they’ve put in a 480p camera that’s obviously has a lower image quality over apple’s other devices. It also doesn’t come with a fan, you won’t have any means of cooling down your device other than putting it on sleep or powering it down.

Another thing is that they changed the trackpad to what they call a “forced touch”, it features a feeling of having a physical click without actually having to do a physical click on the pad. So that much wraps it up. All we could say is that it’s so thin and light that it’s very much ideal as a travel companion especially when you have the extra bucks for it. It isn’t cheap but we think it’s worth it.

What do you think about apple’s latest product? Let us know the comments section below!
WATCH: The new 12” MacBook in Carbon Fiber finish!!!! WATCH: The new 12” MacBook in Carbon Fiber finish!!!!  Reviewed by Jose Galao on 10:33 AM Rating: 5

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