Alex Gonzaga, Hindi na nakapagtimpi at talagang pinatulan ang isang Basher!

Companies that use commercials often have actors/actresses in demonstrating their products or services. People can actually see products being used during television commercials. 

A marketer using comparative advertising on television may even demonstrate how the company's brands are superior to the leading competitor's.

Most of the TV commercials are undergoing on a very keen psychological studies, so that it will catch the eye of the viewers. 

Some people says if there are good or bad feed backs on your commercial that only means it is very effective.

One example for that was Alex Gonzaga's case, the young actress is having a lotion commercial whereas it promises to give protection against sunlight and also to achieve a fairer skin. 

As we know our country is having a tropical weather where everybody is looking for effective lotion which can give us a good result to protect our skin and at the same time it will make our skin fairer. 

However, there was a Netizen who misunderstood the concept of the commercial and suddenly gave a very bad feedback to the young actress. 

But Gonzaga believed there was nothing wrong with her commercial and she explained that people should have freedom to choose whether they will try the product or not.

Below was the conversation between Gonzaga and the said Netizen;

Chesca: "I finally found the purpose of my twitter account's rebirth Hi @Mscathygonzaga I just wanna say your commercial is complete sh*t and lacks originality. Dark is beautiful too, b*tch!"

Gonzaga: "Why are you so affected? It’s someone’s right and prerogative to do whatever they want with their skin. If they wanna be whiter, let them be. if they want to be tan, let them be. Hindi porket ayaw mo masama na at sh*t. Kayo actually makikitid. BOOM PUTI ka!"

Chesca: "yeah it’s someone’s right that’s why i said dark is beautiful too rin diba?!?! i’m talking about your commercial te! Yung part na “boom itim na bes! Ay!” with matching face of disgust because the person got DARKER!!! di mo ba naintindihan tweet ko? the fuck"

Netizens also reacted to Alex Gonzaga's basher: 

But Gonzaga still responded to the basher's tweet,

Gonzaga: "People should know the difference between a “marketing campaign” and an “advocacy”. But still thank you for reacting sa commercial namin! Yay!! BOOM PUTI PUTI! 😛" 

Chesca: "umm the skin whitening market is exactly why filipinos think it's bad to have dark skin. you gave that connotation. i'm saying, love the skin you're in, just don't make other people feel bad about it by saying "boom itim na bes! ay! *disgust* mwahugs"

Suddenly other Netizens also reacted to Gonzaga's basher;

What can you say about the basher's attitude? Share your thoughts with us by, commenting below. Thanks for reading!

Source: BTNewsFlash
Alex Gonzaga, Hindi na nakapagtimpi at talagang pinatulan ang isang Basher! Alex Gonzaga, Hindi na nakapagtimpi at talagang pinatulan ang isang Basher! Reviewed by Manager on 12:24 AM Rating: 5

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