Donna Cariaga, May Ibinunyag tungkol kay James at sa Buhay niya!

Kapamilya noontime variety show “It’s Showtime” has recently proclaimed Donna Cariaga as the winner of the segment the “Funny One.” Donna was the lucky but deserving contestant on the show. 

With her relatable piece about a broken-hearted girl, everyone, including the judges, seemed to love her. Her piece was actually about a girl who had a boyfriend named James. Apparently, this guy was supposedly cheating on her and moreover, he was kind of using her for financial reasons. 

Fortunately, Donna found another man named Joshua, who tried to help her move on. Sadly, his help wasn’t as effective as she thought it would be.

After winning on the segment, Donna Cariaga clears out the fact about James and Joshua by explaining it on her official Facebook page.

The comedienne revealed that the two male characters were only made up by her imagination and that her piece was only based on her friends who were sawi or broken-hearted. In fact, Donna has been in a happy relationship for six years and has a beautiful baby girl with her beau. She even included pictures of them together, showing how close her family is. 

She stated:

“Hindi totoo na meroong james or joshua sa buhay ko, gawa gawa lang po yon ng aking imahinasyon. Nakuha ko po ang concepto sa aking mga kaibigan na kung saan sila ay sawi.”

A few netizens were amazed at how she acted like she was truly heartbroken when she’s actually happily in love.

Donna Cariaga’s family even came along so they can support her in the contest. Luckily, her hard work paid off.

Donna Cariaga is the second winner of the “Funny One,” following 2015’s grand winner, Ryan Rems Sarita.

Watch the video below:

What can you say about what Donna revealed? Did you also believe that she was really broken-hearted? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!
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