Kilalanin ang mga Lalaking naging Parte ng Buhay ni Kris Aquino!

Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco Aquino or more popularly known as Kris Aquino, is a Filipino talk show host, actress, producer, entrepreneur, product endorser, and writer. Due to her impressive skills, Kris Aquino has been tagged as the ‘Queen of All Media’.

But then, did you know that aside from being one of the most prominent actresses in the showbiz industry, Kris was also known for having a colorful life. The colors in her life were brought by the men who became a part of her life.

Now, let’s take a quick tour in the dating timeline of Kris Aquino:

1. Philip Salvador – This action star was Kris Aquino’s first lover. Philip Salvador and Kris Aquino had a child named Josh.

2. Randy Santiago – Randy Santiago was Kris Aquino’s prom date. Their date had sparked rumors but they denied it and stated that they’re just friends.

3. Joey Marquez – Her relationship with the comedian has been one of the most controversial relationships that Kris had. They went through a series of interviews just because they’re having problems in their relationship.

4. Alvin Patrimonio – They worked together in the 1994 film Tasya Pantasya and despite being teased by the reporters, they claimed that a romantic relationship didn’t bloom. In 2000, Alvin and his wife had a misunderstanding and rumors claimed that he almost had a relationship with Kris Aquino.

5. Richard Gomez – Kris Aquino and Richard Gomez worked together in the 1992 film ‘Ang Siga at Ang Sosyal’. Although no confirmations about their relationship were given, the media insisted that they had a relationship.

6. Rene Requestas – They worked together in the series of films of Pido Dida and due to their closeness, a lot of people thought that they really dated

7. Anjo Yllana – Rumors about their relationship spread, but then, neither of them confirmed anything.

8. Diether Ocampo – The two worked together in the 2010 MMFF Entry ‘Dalaw’. Their project together had sparked rumors that they dated but then, Kris joked that she can’t be with Diether because his good looks might be the reason for him to be stolen from her.

9. James Yap – They had a romantic relationship and Bimby was the fruit of their love.

10. Herbert Bautista – They allegedly dated in 2014 but people have noticed that they had this on and off type of relationship

11. Vic Sotto – He was Kris’ leading man in the 1990 film ‘My Funny Valentine’. Rumors about their alleged relationship sparked when Joey Marquez revealed that they’ve been exchanging text messages.

12. Junjun Binay – He recently clarified that he never had a relationship with Kris Aquino

13. Mark Lapid – They confirmed that they’re dating in 2004 but then, rumors have it that he only pursued Kris to win the elections.

14. Aga Muhlach – They starred in the 1993 film ‘Humanda ka mayor! (Bahala na ang Diyos) and Bakit Pa Kita Minahal?. But then, they revealed that they never had a romantic relationship.

15. Robin Padilla – He’s Kris Aquino’s alleged boyfriend in the 90s but since they’re too young back then, they never treated each other seriously.

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