Kris Bernal, Inamin na nagpahawak siya sa Maselang Parte ng kanyang Katawan!

From having a wholesome image, now Kris Bernal challenges herself to do daring scenes to change her image from being a cutie to a hot leading lady and her first daring role on TV is the now hit remake of “Impostora” which was first led by veteran actress Sunshine Dizon.

With the role requiring some bed scenes, Kris Bernal gave all herself to her leading men in order to give justice to the role and to give a better interpretation of the scenes requiring very intense emotion. On her interview, she pointed out the different qualities of her leading men particularly Rafael Rosell.

According to Kris, Rafael is really a good kisser. She blurted out that she’s a bit uncomfortable with him at first because he’s too handsome to look at.

“Hindi nga ako makatingin sa kanya nung una kasi parang ang gwapo niya, di ba?” Kris said.

More to just being handsome, she admitted that she found a bit of struggle acting out bed scene with the actor because she felt ticklish as they were doing the scene. They tried to do some camera tricks by playing with their angles but they found too hard to apply it as it made it looked unrealistic.

“Kasi nakikiliti lang ako. Kasi may mga love scenes na parang di mo madaya, so kailangan mo talagang gawin.” the sexy actress added.

Furthermore, Kris also complimented Rafael for being a gentleman and a good kisser. However, she felt a bit distracted because she can’t look at him straight in the eyes because of his handsomeness.

“Maalalay si Rafael at good kisser siya pero nakikiliti talaga ako. Di ako makatingingin sa kanya. Hindi naman sa may pagnanasa ako, ha, pero ang gwapo niya kasi ‘pag nag-eye-to-eye kami, ako ang nahihiya,” Kris revealed.

To lessen awkwardness, good thing that all leading stars of “Impostora” did workshops together where during the workshop they needed to touch their sensitive parts to be more comfortable with each other.

“Hindi naman talaga sa pinakasensitive pero yun parang wala lang din haplos-haplos lang,” Kris clarified.

Watch the video below for more info:

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Kris Bernal, Inamin na nagpahawak siya sa Maselang Parte ng kanyang Katawan! Kris Bernal, Inamin na nagpahawak siya sa Maselang Parte ng kanyang Katawan! Reviewed by Manager on 2:33 AM Rating: 5

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