Nag-sisi ang Lalaking ito Matapos niya Ipang-Regalo ang kanyang Ex-Girlfriend sa mga Kaibigan!

Through the social media, people found confidence in sharing their innermost secrets. No matter how controversial or sensitive issues are they will still find the courage to share these through online confessions and secret files. They might use this platform to lift any guilt they may have experienced, or they just plainly want to share their thoughts regarding a certain experience.

An anonymous sender named Mr. K (not his true name) shared how he had regretted trading his ex-girlfriend to his friend to gift him for his birthday. His ex-girlfriend is named Miya, he had known her through an online game “Prison Tale” then sharing the same interest, their relationship escalated as lovers.

They had been together for some time and he even admitted that he had been a bad influence on Miya teaching her to drink alcohol, introducing her to different friends and staying late outside. He had also taken advantage of taking her to bed during her drunken moments. Until such time that he fell out of love, and he is already flirting with a new girl named Valerie.

Valerie had been a “better” partner on the bed, and Mr. K was very much satisfied. He completely ignored Miya, her texts were left unanswered and he even avoided the usual hang out to get away from Miya. Until one day, Mr. K’s friend named Jay invited him for his birthday party and requested to bring him a present, this present would refer to a case of Red Horse, but Mr. K thought that he had a better plan for his present.

Upon arrival at the place, Mr. K invited Miya to come over, which the latter did not refuse. Then, Mr. K had offered her bottles of alcohol to drink, making her drunk. He even invited his girlfriend, Valerie to come which the two felt awkward.

Confused Jay confronted Mr. K, and Mr. K told him that his present for Jay is Miya, and he can have her for the night. The drunk Miya was carried to an empty bedroom and Mr. K kissed her and undress her. The drunk and helpless Miya was left inside and Jay took advantage of her.

Valerie requested to go home, and Mr. K went with her. They spent the night together and Mr. K woke up at 6 am, he returned to Jay’s place only to find Miya awake and pale. He tried to talk to her but she remained indifferent. He saw a man who prepared coffee for Miya and asked him what happened to her, he shared that he saw men during the night who goes in and out of the room a couple of times, and it was too late when he realized that Miya was inside.

It had been a traumatic experience for Miya, he led her home and she did not say anything. With this, Mr. K had been troubled and guilty of what had happened and to what he did to Miya. Netizens went wild and on rage on this confession for this injustice done to Miya.

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Nag-sisi ang Lalaking ito Matapos niya Ipang-Regalo ang kanyang Ex-Girlfriend sa mga Kaibigan! Nag-sisi ang Lalaking ito Matapos niya Ipang-Regalo ang kanyang Ex-Girlfriend sa mga Kaibigan! Reviewed by Manager on 9:15 PM Rating: 5

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