Shehyee, Inupload ang Drunk Video ng kanyang Girlfriend na si Anne Mateo!

Being drunk and wasted is one embarrassing incident of one’s life that if someone had witnessed you on that situation, it will always be a talk of the family or friends whenever they will be gathered together and will laugh about it. And this will make you more embarrassed and would think twice whether to get drunk again or to show yourself in front of people.

What are the indications that you are drunk? When someone claims that they are stills sober, but in reality, you are not. When you are dragging yourself on the floor thinking that you are a mop cleaning the floor. When you are embracing the toilet bowl and got so messed up with your vomiting. 

When your tongue started to get twisted and you are already speaking in English and other languages only you can speak. But the worst part is waking up with a hangover without any memory of what had happened the previous night and your fate will depend on your friends who bear witness to your drunkenness. And with the use of technology, this kind of embarrassing incident can leave a mark on you if you have gathered viewers through this documentation and uploading of a video.

Christopher John Ongkiko uploaded a video of his girlfriend Ann B. Mateo. Ann is lying on the cold tiled floor giggling and looking helpless. She is obviously drunk and cannot help herself to get up. She keeps on murmuring that she is still fine and her boyfriend is trying to pacify her, and when he is trying to bring her up and get a hold of her, Ann let go and went back to the floor.

She tried to get up, then she sat again using both thumbs to show how fine she was though she does not look fine at all. One good thing is that Ann does not look wasted instead she still looked gorgeous and sexy on a tube top and skinny jeans and closed heel shoes. When Christopher opened the door of their unit, Ann walked first inside while dancing and chanting and when she looked at the camera, she is all smile and charming.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think.

Shehyee, Inupload ang Drunk Video ng kanyang Girlfriend na si Anne Mateo! Shehyee, Inupload ang Drunk Video ng kanyang Girlfriend na si Anne Mateo! Reviewed by Manager on 12:40 AM Rating: 5

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