Vice Ganda, May Matinding Mensahe para kay Janica Nam at Tom Doromal!

Recently, Janica Nam Floresca had an exclusive interview to showbiz website Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) where she confessed the “true events” that happened during the drowning incident which took the life of her boyfriend and Hashtags member Franco Hernandez in Davao Occidental on November 11.

The grieving girlfriend shared her version of the story in order to clarify the different statements of the two boatmen, Rico Igalan and Efren Kilang – the operators during their boating trip. 

She also corrected some statements given by Hashtags member Tom Doromal who was also with them during the incident.They both shared their version during an interview with the ABS-CBN morning news program, “Umagang Kay Ganda,” last November.

Janica attested that their statements even contradicted Tom’s account of the events on his interview last November 19, on the magazine show, “Rated K.” Moments after PEP published the article, Janica Nam’s revelation already garnered different reactions from the netizens. 

After the exclusive interview with Janica, mocking and bad words in Social Media have been thrown by people to Tom Doromal, but he has remained silent and mum about issues. Meanwhile, Vice Ganda gave an advice to the Hashtag member Tom Doromal regarding the issue that he is facing right now.

"Sabi ko sa kan'ya mag social media fasting ka muna. Kung hindi na siya healthy for you, kung hindi na s'ya nakakatulong sayo, kung hindi na nakakapag pangiti sayo, deadmahin mo yang social media na yan, hindi mo ikamamatay yan. Dahil sa dami ng nakikisawsaw, ayaw na naming sumawsaw, kase dadami pa yung sasawsaw. Isang buong sawsawan nalang ito. Eh si franco hindi naman s'ya sawsawan. Kaya let's just pray for Franco. Deserve nyang manahimik," Vice said.

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Source: Today in Manila
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