Marami ang Naiyak nang Mapanood ang Kwento nina Karla at Gio sa #MMKASecondChance Dahil Dito!

Is love really sweeter the second time around? Do people who cheated, deserve a second chance? Is a cheater really capable of changing his ways? The MMK Episode: A Second Chance, that airs the story of Karla and Gio, will not just show us what it’s like to fall in love, but also everything that’s in between.

JC Santos and Bela Padilla’s big screen team up was brought on television as they had their first ever MMK Episode together where they played the roles of Gio and Karla, respectively, in the MMK Episode.

In the episode, all that Karla wished for is to visit Hong Kong Disneyland and watch the fireworks display since her father had promised to grant her wish. One day, he decided to pay her father a visit, but she was surprised to find him kissing another woman.

It was right there and then when Karla promised that she would never enter a relationship because she doesn’t want to end up like her mom.

Time flies and she met Gio, the only guy with whom he opened her heart to.

Their relationship went well. It was almost perfect. However, this isn’t a story of how perfect their love story is, but rather a perfect love story that was tested by infidelity.

Everything’s doing well between them until they flew to Hong Kong Disneyland. Karla went to Disneyland in hopes of fulfilling her dream to watch the fireworks. However, everything shattered into pieces when she found out that Gio had been cheating on her all this time.

Dealing with a broken heart wasn’t easy and so Karla ended up writing a post for her boyfriend. Little did she know that her post would go viral for all the right reasons in the world.

She wrote: “To Gio, to the love of my life. To my constant companion, travel buddy, my shock absorber, the answer to my every why. We’ve reached the end of the tunnel and its time to part ways.

“Thank you for holding my hand during the journey. It was a worthwhile journey. A journey i will forever treasure in my heart.

“I sincerely pray for your happiness, even if that happiness doesn’t include me anymore. ☺ I hope you reach your dreams. I may not be able to witness it anymore, but know that I will be cheering you from afar. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to love again. And I do too. I don’t regret ever loving you. Loving you was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. One day, I know we’ll cross paths again. One day I can look at you in the eyes & I won’t feel hurt anymore. One day, we’ll talk about how much we’ve loved each other and that helped us love another person. You will always have a special place in my heart. And let’s believe in love again. It’s okay. We will be okay. One day i believe we can be friends again.”
Marami ang Naiyak nang Mapanood ang Kwento nina Karla at Gio sa #MMKASecondChance Dahil Dito! Marami ang Naiyak nang Mapanood ang Kwento nina Karla at Gio sa #MMKASecondChance Dahil Dito! Reviewed by Manager on 5:26 AM Rating: 5

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