“May Nangyari po sa amin ng Nanay ng Girlfriend ko” Pag-Amin ng Isang Lalaki na Talaga namang Gumulantang sa Lahat!

Are you familiar with the 90.7 Love Radio’s segment “Let’s Talk About X-Rated”? This is a segment wherein listeners usually call to share their steamy stories and ask for the host’s advice afterward. The hosts Kara Karinyosa and Lloyd Cadena would talk to you and after some time, you can seek an advice. However, there’s this radio caller that shocked everyone after he sought an advice for his shocking confession.

A 21-year-old radio caller from Malabon named James, shocked everyone after he shared his story that made the hosts and the listeners feel uneasy and disturbed. According to the radio caller, he wanted to share his x-rated story that’s at the same time, creepy.

“Ate Kara, Ate Lloyd, gusto ko pong magshare ng aking x-rated story, kaso sobrang creepy po nito.“

Both hosts of the show were wondering what makes his story creepy and so they asked him to proceed with his story.

James then started to share his story with the hosts, telling them that he went to his girlfriend’s house a few months ago to watch a movie with her. He said that their plans would end up with them making love so he came prepared. As they were watching, things started to heat up and so he asked his girlfriend if they can go to her room, but as expected, she refused. She claims that she had just cleaned her room and it would be okay for them to do it in the living room since she locked the door.

While they were in the middle of their monkey business, they heard knocks from the door. They didn’t mind because they thought that the door was locked until they heard a scream that shocked them all! His girlfriend’s mom was staring at them.

James’ girlfriend felt embarrassed so ran to her room. On the other hand, James put on his clothes and was about to leave when something unbelievable happened.

The moment he’s about to leave, his girlfriend’s mom asked to talk to him. He felt scared so he followed her, and that’s when things got even weirder.

His girlfriend’s mom told him that she wouldn’t tell his girlfriend’s father about what happened if James would make her happy as well.

At this point, Kara and Lloyd were confused whether they should continue listening or they should scream because of how the story goes.

James then continued and narrated how his girlfriend’s mother led them to her room and suddenly knelt down in front of him. He also added that he feared that his girlfriend would get beaten up since her father is a soldier, and so she decided to let his girlfriend’s mom do it.

James further stated that his girlfriend’s mom is a hot mom and that they had s*x twice in one night. Lloyd then cut him off, saying that he didn’t give in because he was scared, but because of the lust that he felt.

James then sought an advice saying that he doesn’t want to break up with his girlfriend. Kara then stated that he should stay away from his girlfriend’s mom at all cost, to avoid everything from happening again.

Before the call ended, the hosts pleaded James to tell his girlfriend everything, before they face a problem in the future.

Watch it below...
“May Nangyari po sa amin ng Nanay ng Girlfriend ko” Pag-Amin ng Isang Lalaki na Talaga namang Gumulantang sa Lahat! “May Nangyari po sa amin ng Nanay ng Girlfriend ko” Pag-Amin ng Isang Lalaki na Talaga namang Gumulantang sa Lahat! Reviewed by Manager on 10:16 PM Rating: 5

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