Miho Nishida, Nagbukas ng Zipper sa MOA!

Many celebrities are changing their look this year! And not only hairstyles but also physical cosmetic surgeries seems to be a thing this year. Many stars in the showbiz were changing their looks as part of their “new life” mantra. And with no doubt, celebrities like Miho Nishida, former PBB housemate and big winner had change coming this 2018! And fans are left in awe over this lady’s new look.

After winning the prestigious big winner title of the PBB house, Miho ventures into the show business world alongside with ex-PBB housemate and lover, Tommy Esguerra. Fans were inspired with Miho’s story who was born and raised in Japan being his father a Japanese citizen. Nevertheless, after reckless teenage pursuits, the actress and TV personality got engaged into an early motherhood after being pregnant at a very young age. But being a strong independent woman, Miho braved the odds to raise her little girl all by herself. This eventually led to her being a PBB housemate and later on winning the reality TV show.

She was also given many TV and modelling projects as brand ambassadors and face of Bench. Miho also had TV guesitngs shows on her own with former boyfriend, Tommy. But recently, the two went on their separate ways because of apparent “differences”.

Although many fans of ToMiho loveteam were deeply saddened by the breakup, they were happy for Miho’s new transformation. According to some sources, the celebrity decides to go under the knife and get a plastic surgery to alter some of her facial features. Miho being beautiful as ever, has gone even more beautiful with her new look. Her upper lip seem to change and so was something over her nose bridge. Unlike some botched plastic surgeries of some actresses and models, Miho’s look right now is bomb and booming all over social media!

Now , everyone were all shocked, surprised and amazed when they saw the modelling photos of Miho Nishida. So awesome, so beautiful, and so wonderful.
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