Post ng Isang Lalaki Tungkol sa Mang Inasal, Nagviral at Dapat mo Itong Mabasa!

Ever since Liza Soberano‘s iconic “I looooove sinigang” tweet went viral, many netizens challenged the notion of what food or dish truly makes one as Pinoy as Pinoy can get. Some argued it should be adobo, others countered it should be balut or some other local delicacy. Netizen Jeremy Layson, however, brought the game to a whole new level in claiming that it should actually be *drum roll please* Mang Inasal.

In his Facebook post which he titled “Why Mang Inasal should be the national symbol of peace,” Layson enumerated the many reasons that make Mang Inasal’s chicken inasal our unofficial national food as a nation.

First, Layson commended how peaceful of a place Mang Inasal is. He compared it to Starbucks, where orders are marred with complexities. In Mang Inasal, he says, there’s no need to be insecure about your relatively simple order especially if the customer in front of you orders something as complicated as a:

“venti strawberry-machete fruity-water-soluble frappucino with 1/2 skimmed milk, 1/4 toasted milk of an elephant, 1/4 milk of an extinct reptilian mammal found in the remote jungle of amazon, with 3 pumps of god-knows-what and 2 pumps of sedated multi-cultural peanut brittle syrup and mix well before consuming.”

Here’s the rest of his viral food review:

Netizens were amused and impressed. Read what they had to say below.

Luckily for Layson, his post reached his beloved food chain and he got this message of a lifetime shortly after posting his viral food review:

“Hello, Jeremy! Salamat sa pagmamahal at pagtangkilik sa Mang Inasal! Touched na touched kami sa post mo, at gusto lang namin magpasalamat. Nakita naming mahilig ka sa PM1. As a token of our appreciation, we’d like to give you a one year supply of PM1 – enjoy a free PM1 meal once a week for whole year! Ok lang bang i-repost din ang status mo sa aming Facebook page? Pwede rin bang mahingi namin ang iyong address para mapadala namin ang Mang Inasal Gift Certificates mo?”

Needless to say, the software engineer got what he deserved for his unparalleled loyalty to Mang Inasal.

What can you say about this story? Do you share Jeremy’s love of PM1 and Mang Inasal? If yes, what are you willing to do for a year-long supply of Mang Inasal? Let us know below!
Post ng Isang Lalaki Tungkol sa Mang Inasal, Nagviral at Dapat mo Itong Mabasa! Post ng Isang Lalaki Tungkol sa Mang Inasal, Nagviral at Dapat mo Itong Mabasa! Reviewed by Manager on 12:00 AM Rating: 5

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