"Pumatol sa Bata" Ang Kwento ng Isang Babae na Siguradong 'Di niyo Inaasahan ang Nangyari sa Huli!

These days, more and more are having trust issues. They tend to think that they can no longer trust anyone with the stories and secrets that they’d share, so they would end up using social media instead. The good thing is that there are ‘secret files’ on Facebook that allows you to anonymously send confessions. In fact, a woman has recently shared a confession that tells the story of how she ended up with a man who’s five years younger than her.

An unidentified woman posted a confession on the Facebook page of Student Secret Files, telling the story of how a 17-year-old man became her boyfriend when she was already 22 years old. According to the viral post, they were both living in a country outside the Philippines, and since they are both Filipinos, they thought that it would be better if they became friends. They treated each other as family, but then, slowly, the woman realized that her friend has been showing signs that he wanted to court her.

The man who’s five years younger than her sought for her mom’s permission to court her. Despite that her mom already told the man all off her negative traits, he still insisted on working hard for her daughter’s YES.

“To make the long story short, nanligaw sya. Nanligaw sya pero sa nanay ko sya nagpaalam na manliligaw sya. Sinabi agad ng nanay ko sakanyang maldita ako, tamad ako sa gawaing bahay, lahat ng masasamang pwdeng sabihin sinabi na nya, pero lalo lang syang naglakas loob na mapa OO ako.”

Until one day, the woman who sent the confession went on a drinking session with her best friend. She got drunk and so she sent the young man a text message, telling him to meet her.

She claims that she was so drunk that she ended up cursing at anyone who they came across with. The worst part is that when they reached home, she vomited all over their house.

Her best friend thought that it would be better if she’d feel fresh before she sleeps so she decided to bathe her, while the young man cleans all the mess that she did.

The next morning, the woman woke up next to the man who was five years younger than her. The man who had been courting her was beside her, checking if she’s okay. She felt embarrassed but at the same time, relieved that nothing happened between them.

It was at that point when she realized that she had fallen in love with the young man who chose to look after her instead of taking advantage of her drunk state.

“Kinuwento nya lahat lahat ng nangyare, nakakahiya, nakakaturn off kung ako man yung nanliligaw hahahah pero un ung araw na nasabi ko sa sarili kong nainlove na talaga ako sa lalaking to. Bakit? Lasing ako, di sya lasing, kung tutuusin pwdeng pwde nya ako gahasain, pagsamantalahan or hipuan dahil pagkapaligo sakin umalis na si bestie, solong solo nya ako”

“Uso pa ngayon mga scandal, ni video or picture di nya ako naisipang kuhanan. Or kaya pwde rin na umuwe nalang din sya after nila ako makitang tulog, na safe akong nasa bahay pero instead di sya natulog at binantayan nya ako allnight sa bahay.”

She also revealed that the moment she woke up, she noticed his eyebags, indicating that he watched her the whole night.

Before she ended her post, she stated that she initially thought that the man who’s five years younger than her, would be the immature one, but she was wrong because all along, it was him who became mature enough to handle everything.

She also revealed that they are already in a relationship for about three years now, and they are already expecting their first baby.
"Pumatol sa Bata" Ang Kwento ng Isang Babae na Siguradong 'Di niyo Inaasahan ang Nangyari sa Huli! "Pumatol sa Bata" Ang Kwento ng Isang Babae na Siguradong 'Di niyo Inaasahan ang Nangyari sa Huli! Reviewed by Manager on 12:03 AM Rating: 5

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