Sandara Park, Viral Ngayon Matapos May Mapansin sa Kanyang Suot na Pantalon!

Korean pop star Sandara Park has always been one step ahead when it comes to trends. Aside from being multi-talented, the singer is also known for her great taste in fashion. Her personal style can be described as edgy yet effortlessly chic, earning her a big following on social media sites like Instagram. In fact, just recently, one of the K-Pop star’s Instagram posts went viral for being another display of her great fashion sense.

In a photo she uploaded last January 27, the former 2NE1 member was spotted wearing street-style clothes while vacationing in Thailand: a yellow Adidas track jacket, old school Adidas high socks, a checkered cap, and color-blocked shoes.

What piqued netizens’ attention, however, was Sandara’s jeans. It’s not uncommon to see men and women alike sporting the said piece since ripped jeans are very in right now. Most are ripped in front, usually located on the knee area, or if one is feeling a little risque, maybe a little higher.

Sandara’s pants, however, were ripped on the upper back area of her thighs, showing some serious skin. This triggered a barrage of comments from netizens and fans alike, with most complimenting the K-Pop star for her unique style. Still, some felt that her pants should have been more conservative, and asked the actress why she wore them that way.

Generally, however, Sandara’s photo was well-received. This only shows that the actress can get away with what could have been a fashion faux pas for others, proving that she is, indeed, a fashion icon.

Sandara rose to stardom when she joined ABS-CBN’s reality talent search “Star Circle Quest” in 2004. Although she did not win, she signed a contract under Star Magic together with Star Circle winner Hero Angeles. However, she experienced a peak with her career which compelled her go back to her home country in 2007. Two years later, she reinvented herself and made her debut as part of the famous K-Pop girl group called 2NE1. This catapulted the Korean star back to fame not just locally, but internationally.

Sadly, the girl group disbanded in 2016. Despite this, Sandara Park remains to be one of the most popular K-Pop stars to date.

What can you say about Sandara Park’s daring and edgy style? Do you think this could be the start of a new trend? Share your thoughts with us and netizens alike by dropping a comment below!
Sandara Park, Viral Ngayon Matapos May Mapansin sa Kanyang Suot na Pantalon! Sandara Park, Viral Ngayon Matapos May Mapansin sa Kanyang Suot na Pantalon! Reviewed by Manager on 4:16 PM Rating: 5

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