Tatay ng Groom, Pinipilit Halikan ang Asawa ng kanyang Anak!

Let’s all face the fact that a wedding is a sacred ceremony that showed the union of a couple. Apart from that, it is also a way for the parents of the couple to hang out with each other. However, how do you think a wedding reception would turn out when the father of the groom drank too much that he ended up harassing his son’s bride?

No matter what the status of the relationship is between the groom and the bride’s family, the wedding ceremony is a way for them to show their utmost respect to each family, especially with the fact that the event isn’t just attended by their relatives but also their friends.

However, scandals can’t be avoided.

In a social media platform in China, a video clip taken from a wedding ceremony became extremely viral because of its shocking content. The video that was shared by the Shanghaiist showed an intoxicated father forcing his son’s bride to kiss him.

The viral video didn’t just show him kissing the bride, but it also showed the uncomfortable reaction in the face of the bride, especially with the fact that the hands of the groom’s father were wrapped around the bride who walks out to walk on the catwalk.

When the bride attempted to walk faster, the father-in-law did the unthinkable! He pulled his son’s bride and turned her around to forcibly kiss her! He had his arms wrapped around her so tight that she can no longer move to escape.

The crowd can’t help but scream while a handful clapped and cheered. The DJ can also be heard in the background, calling out the couple.

The video then ended there. However, in another footage, the bride’s family could be seen attacking the father’s groom on stage. There were screaming and running until the arc with flowers went down because of the commotion.

Watch it below....

Reports stated that after what had happened, the bride’s family took their daughter home, insulted by what had happened.

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