Meet these Filipina Celebrities Who Own Successful Online Businesses!

The lifespan of an entertainment career isn’t that long. It also isn’t easy to sustain a good life with something as fleeting as a showbiz career. This is why most actors try to use their hard-earned money to invest in other sources of income. Some try their hand at owning restaurants while there are those who cashed in on beauty and wellness.

But these beautiful Filipina celebrities capitalized on the online world to bring in the extra “moolah.” Here is the list of local actresses who not only appear in your favorite movies and show but also own successful e-commerce businesses that are well-loved by Filipinos.

Coleen Garcia – The soon-to-be Mrs. Billy Crawford has slowly broken out of her shell to take the industry by storm. More people are surprised by her improvement and are truly delighted that Coleen has been entrusted with more projects. But what most of you might now know is that Coleen is also a successful entrepreneur who owns the online swimsuit shop, “Mrs. Sea Swimwear.”

Cristine Reyes – This controversial actress has dazzled us with her beauty and fierceness. But as soon as she started a beautiful family with her husband Ali Khatibi and their adorable daughter Amarah, people saw a new side to Cristine. She even named her online fashion business “Khatibi’s Home.”

Diana Zubiri – Diana has lived a relatively quiet life and has enjoyed spending quality time with her adorable family with Fil-Australian businessman Andy Smith. While the actress still appears on television from time to time, she does have other priorities. One of them is her online store called “Loving Diana” that caters to breastfeeding mothers.

Marian Rivera – Who would have thought that Marian would ever go into the online selling world? But unlike the previous actresses we mentioned, Marian’s online store is focused on flowers. “Flora Vida,” meaning “living flower,” offers various flowers and arrangements to its customers.

Sam Pinto – It’s no question that Sam is a woman of the sea. This is why it’s only appropriate that apart from her owning L’Sirene Boutique Resort, the actress-model also has an online swimsuit shop called “Sirena Swimwear.”

Sheena Halili – The GMA-7 actress is also a fan of the beach and the waves plus she has great fashion sense. It is no surprise that the actress would be starting her own swimwear line named “Yves Swimwear.” Check out Sheena’s official Instagram account to view the wonderful pieces her online store is selling.

Were you aware that these Filipina celebrities are also successful business owners? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!
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