Misis, Sinupalpal ang Ka-Trabaho ng kanyang Asawa na isa palang Kabit Nito!

Cheating does not only destroy the life of the involved couple but also the entire family. When cheating occurs in a relationship especially with a family, the children are the most affected and suffers the worst consequences for they will grow up having a broken family.

If women would be asked what kind of punishment a cheating partner deserves, they would definitely come up with a list of painful and worst punishment they could ever think of.

But for one netizen, shaming her partner and his mistress on social media is the best punishment and revenge they deserve.

Facebook user named Mary Ann Tarca took to social media and wrote a lengthy post sharing how his husband named Kerwin cheated on her. She also backed it up with evidence and photos to support her claim.

Tarca narrated how her husband cheated on her with his co-worker named Honey Malubay. She said that the affair started while she was still pregnant with their first child, to save their relationship, Tarca tried to reach out to Honey and told her that they are going to have a baby already.

Honey responded positively and promised that she will never get in touch with Kerwin anymore. Tarca said that they were able to fix their relationship and managed to get back together.

However, Tarca discovered that her husband and Honey are still having constant communication on a daily basis, in fact, his husband even managed to save Honey’s number on his phone using a man’s name so his infidelity will not be discovered.

Tarca also shared that when her husband was transferred to work at a popular casino in the Philippines, the mistress also transferred making them see each other regularly.

When Tarca discovered that their affair is not yet over, she decided to shame both of them on social media by exposing their infidelity.

Read Tarca’s full post below:

As of writing, Tarca’s post has been taken down on Facebook and the mistress’ account was already deactivated.

So if you are like Tarca’s husband who is currently having an affair, better think about your actions if you don’t want to receive the same humiliation this cheating husband faced.
Misis, Sinupalpal ang Ka-Trabaho ng kanyang Asawa na isa palang Kabit Nito! Misis, Sinupalpal ang Ka-Trabaho ng kanyang Asawa na isa palang Kabit Nito! Reviewed by Manager on 9:29 AM Rating: 5

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