Pananampal ng Isang Babae sa Kapwa Studyante, Huling Huli sa Video!

Remember the girl who slapped the old taxi driver ?  What about the "ULAM SA HELMET " girl who had a verbal quarrel with an enforcer ? I know  all girls should be treated right and equal, but what if these girls are the one  who is not treating men right and equal. Guess what ? Another girl is involved in a online public scandal.  Another slapping incident with her  schoolmates. Lates in this article you will see and discuss about her.

First, Let us talk about the girl who slapped the taxi driver, On this video uploaded on the social media by Facebook User Joshua Baluyot captured a woman who scandalized in the middle of the road against a taxi driver.  From the video, the woman is hysterical and tries to block the taxi on its way, you can see that her car and the taxi is not that close to each other and far from meeting any accidents and there is no enforcer to mediate between the two.

The woman keeps on shouting and pointing finger towards the driver, a man who is with her tries to pacify her, but she is insisting and went near the driver’s seat shouting, and asks the driver to get down of the car.

When the driver refused to go down, the woman reached for him and slapped him hard. With this, the driver went down of the taxi and revealed that he is already an old man and he is holding his hurt cheek. He is not walking properly, and the woman followed suit still shouting.

2nd is the "ULAM SA HELMET " Girl, The story started when an traffic enforcer posted a video in his Facebook account. The video shows a motorcycle rider and his gf being caught  violating road rules. "NO HELMET " Along Visayas Avenue in Quezon City. The girl explained why she was not wearing her helmet to protect her self during their motorcycle ride. She said that she used her helmet as a container of their newly bought food.  The enforcer doesn't accept her reasons. ( Who would ? )
later on, the girl had an verbal argument with the efnorcer.

Netizen doesn't like what this girl has done, " SYA NA NGA MALI SYA PA MATAPANG ." Online she was  later bashed and hated by many netizens.

The last one is The Girl who slapped her schoolmate, this is viral now and trending in social media. A facebook page MASTER HENYO posted a series of photos and the actual video.

Watch the actual footage below...
Pananampal ng Isang Babae sa Kapwa Studyante, Huling Huli sa Video! Pananampal ng Isang Babae sa Kapwa Studyante, Huling Huli sa Video! Reviewed by Manager on 5:19 AM Rating: 5

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